When mixed with your color, bleach or as a stand-alone treatment, TRUEPLEX BONDREPAIR conditions and nourishes each hair strand, while penetrating deep inside the cortex to strengthen and fortify the internal structure of hair. Damaged bonds are repaired, while new damage is prevented, resulting in dramatically better shine, condition, strength and elasticity.


Fortifies and strengthens the existing bond structure in the hair, while locking-in the repair of Step #1 BONDREPAIR. Hydrates, strengthens and seals the hair shaft for added shine, condition and manageability.


Used bi-weekly at home after shampooing, TRUEPLEX BONDPROTECT guarantees the longest lasting results of the TRUEPLEX system. It nourishes, protects and strengthens hair, while providing support for the internal structure. Also provides added protection from hot tools and environmental influences.

“A bad hair day means a bad day, period!
Ask you stylist or colorist what TRUEPLEX can do for your hair.”

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